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Anxiety:Awake at 3 am


What worries you? Nags at you? What keeps you sane? Makes you happy? The blood, sweat, tears, joys and thoughts that propel you forward or hold you back. That bombard you with opportunity or failure. That occur to you at any time. Randomly. Connected. Disconnected. Wake you up. Keep you awake. "Anxiety: Fragments, awake at 3 am" is composed of over 900 painted fragments. Assembled together on a canvas. Held together with expressive layers of paint that interrupt, join together, create something new. Its colorful, sometimes dark. Ordered. Random. Sometimes messy. Imperfect. How it feels when your mind is so full, you just can't sort everything out. 48x60

If you are interested in purchasing the original art please contact the artist for shipping cost. Other sizes are covered by stated shipping fee.